Collection date since : January 2006
Collected Episode : Complete 220
Collected Episode : Shippuuden upto 11
Local TV Aired : Astro Ria & TV3 (malay version)
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  1. Mohd Zuhaimi says:

    Episode 1 Summary

    Episode Number:  

    Episode Title:  
    Enter, Naruto Uzamaki 


    You must be logged in in order to vote Naruto has been up to his usual mischief again. This time he’s wanted for defacing the faces of the Mt Rushmore-like rock carvings of the Hokage above the village. Naruto manages to fool his pursuers by camouflaging himself by a nearby fence and almost gets away cleanly until Iruka Sensei shows up and scares the heck out of him. After dragging Naruto back to class, Iruka wants to know why he is now playing pranks instead of attending class. After all, he’s already failed the last two graduation exams. Iruka then declares that they will be having an exam on “Hengo no Jutsu” (Transformation Skill). Soon, each person takes their turn transforming themselves to look like Sensei, but Naruto tries to be difficult by transforming himself into a naked blonde girl he calls “Sexy no Jutsu.” For that, Iruka Sensei keeps him after class to clean all the paint off the rock carvings. Naruto doesn’t seem to care, replying that it’s not like he has a home to go home to, so Iruka Sensei offers to treat him to a ramen dinner at Ichiraku Ramen if he works hard. That’s enough to motivate Naruto. At dinner, Iruka Sensei asks Naruto why he was defacing the Hokage. He answers that the Hokage are the village ninjas and the Fourth was the one who defeated the demon fox. One day he will get the Hokage name and surpass all the others. One day the villagers will recognize his strength. The next day is the graduation exam, which consists of “Bunshin no Jutsu” (Clone Skill). Naruto steps up ready to try, knowing that is his worse skill, and on his first try, he produces a deformed clone of himself. Immediately, Iruka declares the test a failure, but Mizuki Sensei asks him to reconsider. Technically, Naruto did do the clone and he also has excellent athletic ability and stamina. Iruka sighs and replies that everyone else in the class divided themselves into at least three, but Naruto was only able to create one useless clone. Because of that, he can’t pass him. Later that night, Mizuki abruptly awakens Iruka. Naruto has taken the Scroll of Seals from Hokage-sama’s place. Meanwhile, Naruto sits with the scroll looking over the technique list. The first is “Kage Bunshin” (Shadow Clone). Iruka is the first to find Naruto, who is all proud of himself for learning the first technique that should allow him to graduate. Iruka asks where he learned about the scroll and he replies from Mizuki. Iruka immediately recognizes the trap, but he is soon attacked by Mizuki, who wants the scroll with the forbidden Ninjutsu within it for himself. When Naruto won’t hand the scroll over so quickly, Mizuki decides to tell Naruto about the rule of the village. 12 years ago a rule was created not to tell him that he is the nine tails fox demon that killed Iruka’s parents and destroyed the village. That’s why everyone hates him. Suddenly, Mizuki throws a large ninja star at Naruto. Iruka warns him to duck and then immediately covers him to save his life. Naruto can’t understand why anyone would do anything nice for him. Iruka replies that they are the same. Just as Naruto has no parents and does mischievous things so people acknowledge him, Iruka, too, craved attention after his parents died and sought attention any way he could get it. He knows how Naruto must feel and apologizes for never recognizing how lonely Naruto must be. Mizuki interjects that Iruka is lying, which gives Naruto reason to run away from the two. Iruka catches up with him and asks for the scroll back, but Naruto recognizes that it isn’t Iruka but Mizuki and refuses. Iruka posing as Naruto then transforms himself back into himself and defends Naruto against Mizuki’s accusations. He’s not the demon fox, but the Hidden Leaf Village’s Uzumaki Naruto. Mizuki takes that opportunity to finish Iruka, but Naruto steps in and defends him. He does Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and soon there are many Naruto clones surrounding Mizuki. Soon he is defeated and Iruka rewards Naruto with graduation.

  2. Mohd Zuhaimi says:

    Episode 2 Summary

    Episode Number:  

    Episode Title:  
    I Am Konohamaru! 


    Naruto’s first task as a ninja is to get his picture taken. He poses rather artistically, and Hokage-sama orders him to retake the picture. He refuses and transforms himself into Sexy no Jutsu, which takes Hokage-sama by surprise and gives Naruto the upper hand. Suddenly a small kid interrupts their meeting and challenged Hokage-sama to a battle. As he runs forward to make his move, he trips and his teacher, Ebisu, runs forward to protect him. The kid accuses Naruto of doing something, but Naruto is quick to pick the kid up and threaten him, much to the dismay of Ebisu, who pleads not to hurt him. He is Konohamaru, the grandson of the great Third Hokage. Naruto doesn’t care and hits him anyway. Ebisu then has a chat with Konohamaru, but he immediately leaves and seeks out Naruto, the only one who would actually hit the grandson of a Hokage. Konohamaru offers to be Naruto’s follower if he will teach him the temptation technique he used on Hokage-sama. To start, Naruto teaches him about Chakras – the energy you use to execute a technique. Ninja techniques use both Chakra energy, the energy that exists in every cell in the body, and spirit energy, the energy that is accumulated though training and experience. When these two are combined, a seal is formed and the technique is executed. Naruto tells him that techniques require hard work and guts. To test the kid’s skills, Naruto asks him to transform into a girl standing nearby. He transforms into a hideous clone of her, which greatly offends the girl, who hits Naruto and asks the Konohamaru to do a cuter transformation of her next time. Next stop is to research pheromones at the bookstore. They sneak in and check out the girly section, but soon get kicked out. Finally Naruto and Konohamaru sneak into a girl’s bathroom, but their disguise is seen through and again they get kicked out. Konohamaru’s spirits are low by this point because he can’t do the transformation very well, but Naruto tries to help him by teaching him the temptation technique. The basics: big breasts, thin waist, big bottoms. Konohamaru feels alone. No one sees him as Konohamaru, but as the grandson of a Hokage. That’s why he wants to become a Hokage so badly. Naruto tells him he can’t until he beats him first. Meanwhile, Hokage-sama explains to Iruka that when the Fourth Hokage sealed the demon spirit inside of Naruto, he wanted everyone to look at Naruto as a hero. Instead, the adults of the village see Naruto as the demon spirit itself. Naruto will have a hard time ahead of him. Soon, Ebisu catches up to Naruto and Konohamaru and demands that the kid come with him. Naruto will only teach him bad things, like the temptation technique, which he has currently mastered now. Ebisu is very unhappy with that and continues to reprimand the kid. Naruto is ready to stick up for him, though, and does Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, and then does his temptation technique, so several naked girls surround Ebisu. He calls it the Harem no jutsu. Naruto then explains that to receive the title of Hokage, a title that everyone looks up to, he has a lot of preparation ahead of him. You have to earn people’s respect. This upsets the kid, who quits becoming his follower. Naruto seems to understand and vows that one day the two will fight for the Hokage title.

  3. Mohd Zuhaimi says:

    Episode 3 Summary

    Episode Number:  

    Episode Title:  
    Rivals?! Sasuke and Sakura 


    As Naruto walks to his explanatory meeting, Konohamaru greets him, ready to fight. He trips, and Naruto greets him, but explains that he can’t fight. Haruno Sakura heads off to her explanatory meeting. Her rival, Yamanaka Ino, greets her along the way, and they end up racing to school. At school, Sakura races over to the most popular boy in the class, Uchiha Sasuke, and asks to sit next to him. Soon several of the girls are fighting to sit next to him, which makes Naruto jealous. He stares Sasuke down until one of the kids pushes Naruto into Sasuke and they end up kissing. This severely pisses off Sakura, who stands ready to attack Naruto. When class begins, Iruka Sensei announces the each ninja will join a group of three to further their training. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke end up together. Naruto is thrilled to be with Sakura-chan, while she’s thrilled to be with Sasuke. Hyuuga Hinata, who has a crush on Naruto, is disappointed not to be in his group. At lunch, Sakura disses Naruto to find Sasuke. Naruto gets pissed and looks for revenge. He sees Sasuke sitting alone eating and attacks him. Sasuke emerges the winner and ties Naruto up. He then heads over to where Sakura is eating by herself. He joins her and asks what she thinks about Naruto. She starts ranting about how Naruto doesn’t know her and that he’s just annoying. She only him to accept her. There is a flash back to the real Sasuke, who has been tied up by Naruto. Naruto then transformed into him to court Sakura. Just as she’s about to kiss him, he gets a sudden stomachache and the desperate urge to use the bathroom and rushes off. In the bathroom, Naruto has a revelation. He only can get close to Sakura if he transforms into Sasuke. His plan is to make Sakura think that Sasuke finds her annoying. However, while he is in the bathroom, the real Sasuke walks passed Sakura and asks about Naruto. She rants about how annoying Naruto is, but he tells her that she’s annoying. It really hurts her. Naruto, meanwhile, heads out of the bathroom where he is greeted by Sasuke. Naruto decides that he will gain the respect of others if he defeats Sasuke, but again he has another desperate urge to use the bathroom and retreats. Sakura has the chance to think things over and decides to be nicer to Naruto. When he emerges from the bathroom, she greets him and asks him to walk back to class. He accuses her of being Sasuke and wanting revenge, but again, his stomach gets the better of him.

  4. Mohd Zuhaimi says:

    Episode 4 Summary

    Episode Number:  

    Episode Title:  
    The Trial! Survival Training 


    Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura wait for their Jounin (high class ninja) to arrive and take them off to train. Naruto is impatient and sets up a booby trap. When the Jounin enters, the eraser Naruto strategically placed above the door hits him on the head. He tells them that his first impression of them is that he hates them. The group starts off by introducing themselves. Sensei goes first. He is Hatake Kakashi and has no intention of telling them of his likes and dislikes, his dreams, or his hobbies. Naruto is next. He likes cup ramen and hates the 3 minutes he has to wait after he puts the ramen in hot water. His hobby is to eat and compare cup ramens, and his dream is to become greater than the Hokages and make all the villagers recognize his existence. Next is Sakura. She doesn’t reveal any of her dreams or likes, although Sensei is quick to realize that she likes Sasuke. He asks what she hates, and she replies ‘Naruto.’ Sasuke is last. He says that there are many things that he hates, and few things that he likes. His ambition is to revive his clan and to kill a certain man. Their first mission is survival training. They tell him that they already have done training at the academy. He laughs at them and tells them that out of the 27 graduates, only nine will become Genins. The other 18 will be sent back to the academy. In other words, the test has a 66% drop out rate. They are to bring their ninja equipment and meet at 5 AM. Oh, and not to eat breakfast or they will throw up if they do. Next morning, they show up bright and early, but sensei doesn’t get there until 11:10 AM. He immediately sets the alarm clock to 12 PM and tells them their first task is to take one of the two bells he holds from him. Whoever can’t won’t eat lunch. He then insults Naruto further to make the three understand that to take the bells, they will have to kill him. Naruto immediately takes out his dagger and attacks. Sensei immediately is able to turn the attack against Naruto and the three are finally ready to begin the training. Soon, everyone is hiding, except Naruto. He attacks ‘fair and square.’ Sensei teaches him Ninja fighting lesson 1: taijutsu (fighting without weapons). He then takes out a book and begins reading. Every attack Naruto fires on him is avoided. Soon, Sensei is behind Naruto and his hand is in the seal of the tiger position. He performs a high Ninja technique in the element of fire which basically pokes Naruto in the ass and sends him flying. Iruka asks Hokage-sama about the Jounin who is training Naruto’s group. He has heard rumors about how difficult the man is. Hokage-sama gives him a book on Kakashi, which states that he has never passed a person. Everyone has failed. Naruto performs mass shadow replica and 7 Narutos attack Sensei. One caught sensei from behind, and sensei was able to quickly change places with one of the replications of Naruto. Suddenly, Naruto sees a bell lying on the ground. He runs over to it, but it caught in a trap and hung by his feet on the nearest tree. As Sensei lectures Naruto on his movement, Sasuke throws his ninja stars and hits him. Sensei goes flying backwards.

  5. Mohd Zuhaimi says:

    Episode 5 Summary

    Episode Number:  

    Episode Title:  
    Failure? Kakashi\’s Conclusion 


    Sasuke’s efforts are in vain as his ninja stars hit a log. Sensei changed places again and the log was just another Kawarimi (changed body). He know knows where Sasuke is. Sakura takes off after him, but Sensei ends up behind her. He performs a transformation, which shows Sasuke dying with his ninja stars stuck throughout his body. Sakura faints in horror. That is Ninja fighting lesson 2: Genjutsu (Illusion Skills). Sasuke attacks sensei and through several attacks, almost gets a bell. Sensei acknowledges that he is different from the other two. Sasuke performs fire element, Grand Fireball no Jutsu and blows fire at sensei, but sensei disappears by performing Earth Element, Earth Decapitation no Jutsu. He then reaches up from the ground and grabs Sasuke’s leg to pull him into the ground. He then explains Ninja fighting lesson 3: Ninjutsu. Suddenly the bell rings and sensei declares that they all should quit as ninjas. He asks why they are disrespecting ninjas. The answer lies with teamwork, but it’s too late now. There are two bells to see who would be willing to sacrifice their own place in favor of teamwork, but the two bells serve as a divider amongst the team. They all fell for the trap and worked to serve their own selfish desires. Sensei walks over to a stone memorial. He explains that this memorial includes the names of all the heroes of the village – those who lost their lives for the success of the mission. His best friend’s name is also carved there. Kakashi decides to give them one last chance after lunch. He tells them, though, that those who feed Naruto will fail. Both decide to feed Naruto, but Sakura is the one to feed him. Sensei immediately appears and threatens them with a lightning storm. The three immediately declare that they are one team. Sensei declares that they all pass. Amazed, they all ask how that could be. He tells them that up until now, the others did everything he told them to. A ninja must read underneath the underneath, and they must take care of their friends.

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