WWE RAW (Delay 20061229 2200) – Astro Ch80

Historic Battle Royal on Raw
By Zack Zeigler
December 15, 2006

The Superstars competing in Monday’s Battle Royal are looking to receive their holiday gift early this year. The winner of the largest Battle Royal in Raw history will not only outshine the other Superstars, but he’ll also get the opportunity to become the WWE Champion that same night.

Current WWE Champion John Cena will be watching with great anticipation, but before he puts his title on the line, the competitors must emerge victorious by being the last man standing first. 

“The biggest Battle Royal in Raw history will come down to one man – the biggest Superstar in WWE history, Johnny Nitro,” said Nitro. “People focus on my glitz and the glamour, and they don’t realize that Johnny Nitro is a true threat. I break necks in the ring and I give the women whiplash when I walk down Hollywood Boulevard.”

Carlito disagrees with Nitro’s assessment. The Caribbean Superstar told WWE.com that if he were placing bets, he’d let it all ride on Carlito.

“You’ll see Carlito twice [on Raw]; first in the Battle Royal, then against Cena. At the end of the night you’ll see Carlito wearing the WWE title.”

Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy is entering in hopes of adding more gold to his collection. Throughout the many accomplishments in his career, the WWE Championship has been one prize that has eluded him.

“To capture [the WWE title] would be a dream come true,” said Hardy. ‘I’ve been inches from being the WWE Champion and it’s something I’ve always aspired to become.”

Since the Spirit Squad disbanded, Kenny has been searching to find his own identity in sports-entertainment. Winning the Battle Royal would be a perfect way to solidify his standing as an up-and-comer in the singles division and to get his first championship opportunity under his belt.

“This match means everything to me,” Kenny said. “It gives me the chance to break the record set by Randy Orton as the youngest WWE Champion of all time. I’m 20 years old, and after I destroy every single person in the ring, Cena has a choice: hand his title over, or I can beat him down and take it from him.”

As far as Kenny’s relationship with Rated-RKO goes, he said he can’t bank on that to pull him through to victory.

“Alliances are always good in a Battle Royal, but in the end it’s every man for himself, and Kenny will prevail.”

While everyone seems confident, there can only be one winner. Who will it be? Which Superstar will claim the right to challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship? To find out, watch Raw on Monday night at 8/7 CT only on the USA Network.

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One Response to WWE RAW (Delay 20061229 2200) – Astro Ch80

  1. MZY says:

    1. Edge wins a 30 man Battle Royal

    2. Kenny Dykstra def. Ric Flair

    3. Johnny Nitro and The World\’s Greatest Tag Team def. The Hardys (3-On-2 Handicap Tag Team Match)

    4. John Cena def. Edge (WWE Championship Match)

    5. Victoria def. WWE Women\’s Champion Mickie James (Non-Title Match)

    6. Carlito vs. Chris Masters (No Contest)

    7. WWE Champion John Cena & DX vs. Umaga & Rated RKO (No Contest)

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