Gathering ITMCT 88-91 : at Pan Pac PWTC (11/02/2007)

Mini gathering for DBS , DIB, DPA and DIA students intake Jan 88. Almost 30 members came. Event started at 12.30 until 4.30pm at Pan Pac PWTC and been organised by Puji, Hasnol and the gang.
DIB members : Wan (with husband & kids), Faie (with kids), Ina (with husband & kids), Moon (with husband & kids), Las, Zaimar, Zainal (with kids), Huey (with wife & kids), Sham & Halim
DPA members : Puji (with husband,Hasnol), Maziah, Salina, Kak Mah,
DBS members : Hasnol (with wife – Puji), Yusman, Izat, Suria, Imah, Aziah, Liza, Kak Mus, Jamaliza, ??? & ???
DIA members : Chique & ???
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